Family Tree UK – February 2022
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Welcome at Family Tree UK magazine February 2022 issue

We all work so hard on our family histories (not that this hard work isn’t extremely fun), but perhaps doing so – we need to dedicate some time to putting the ‘story’ into history, and finding a way to tell the tales of our families, for generations now to learn from, share and enjoy, and for those yet to come.
We thought that these winter months would be the ideal time to immerse ourselves in just such a writing project and to that end we’ve gathered together a range of excellent pieces to inspire your literary genealogy genius (see pages 22, 36, 59 and a rather unusual example on page 63 by Philip Edwards). With Covid looking as though it’s ‘not going anywhere soon’, then a little escapism into the world of our ancestors can only be a good thing.
Lastly, on to the big news of the year – the release of the 1921 Census. At the time of writing I’m still eagerly awaiting it, but by the time you read this many of you will have begun exploring. Do let us know your thoughts, tips and exciting new discoveries and we’ll gather them together to share with fellow readers. Wishing you all, all the best for your genealogy discoveries through 2022. Happy New Year.

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